England Coast Path – Natural England published on 21 June 2017 their report recommending a proposed route for the England Coast Path from Whitstable to Iwade, including through Faversham.   The Group has welcomed the report but has made representations concerning a proposal to exclude part of the Iron Wharf Boatyard from the ‘coastal access’ provisions.  See the main page for further details.

Creekside walk at Faversham Reach and Waterside Close – A KCC panel meeting on 22 February 2016 unanimously approved a recommendation for a Creekside path running along the front of both the Faversham Reach and Waterside Close estates, with ramps at either end. KCC issued the necessary Orders for formal consultation, with a closing date of 18 July 2016.  The Orders were eventually submitted to the S of S in early May 2017.  A public inquiry was held from 16-18 January 2018.  See Creekside-walk at Faversham Reach and Waterside Close for more details.

Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan – the Plan was approved by 88% of those who voted in the referendum on 4 May 2017.  The Plan, which will govern development in the Creek area, includes provision for a Creekside path, so any future planning application affecting the Creekside must contain plans for such a path.

Footpath round the perimeter of Faversham Reach  – the Group wrote to KCC expressing its support for the proposal to add this path to the Definitive Map of public footpaths.  KCC duly made an order to this effect.

Walks – see the ‘walks’ page for details of our walks.

Footpath from Jubilee Way to the Recreation Ground – the Group is supporting the proposal for a footpath from Jubilee Way to the Rec, which would particularly help residents in the Edward Vinson estate and employees in Jubilee Way businesses who want to walk to and from the station.

Designating footpaths – the Group has started work on identifying paths, alleyways etc in Faversham town  which might require adding to the Definitive Footpaths Map in order to guard against the risk that public access might be lost in future.  The Group is liaising with Ramblers about examining footpaths surrounding Faversham.

Planning application for houses at former Oil Depot – planning application 16/508709 proposes ten houses on this site and a Creekside promenade.  However, it is not clear from the plans that this will be a public footpath or how it could be accessed by the public.  The  FFG spoke at Faversham Town Council’s Planning Committee meeting on 20 February 2017, emphasising that it was essential that this section should form part of the Creekside public footpath set out in the draft Neighbourhood Plan.  We suggested that Swale Borough Council should try to persuade the applicant to run the promenade/footpath through to Standard Quay and that it should also link up with Provender Walk, which is expected to form part of the England Coast Path.  (We have also submitted written comments on these lines.)  The Planning Committee members expressed their support for our stance on public rights of way and agreed to seek more information from the applicant on this and other aspects of the plans.

Revised plans were submitted in August 2017 (16/508709/FULL).  While these show a path linking the promenade to Belvedere Road, the plans are in danger of creating a cul de sac instead of a continuous Creekside path.  The Group has submitted additional comments.

Standard House – the Group has commented on the planning application to the effect that steps should be taken to upgrade the footpath the runs from Standard Quay alongside the Oyster Bay Warehouse to Iron Wharf.

East Kent Recycling at Oare – the Group is concerned that the proposed expansion of East Kent Recycling’s activities at Oare, with the accompanying increase in vehicle movements, will cause added danger to pedestrians using the access road, which is due to become part of the England Coast Path. The Group has made representations to Natural England about this matter and has also commented on the planning application, arguing that a proper footpath must be provided if the planning application is to be approved.  The Group has also liaised with Uproare about a proposed application for a Definitive Map Modification Order to add the track to the Definitive Map.

Proposed solar complex at Cleve Hill – the Group will consider this application when full details are submitted in spring 2018  and comment on footpath-related issues.

Dave White 

Dave White photo

The Group was very sad to learn of the death of Dave White, a mainstay of the Brents community and a founder member of the Group.  Dave played a large part, with Andrew Osborne, in securing Crab Island as a Town Green and also gave persuasive evidence to the Faversham Reach public inquiry in 2014 about the history and use of the obstructed footpath there.  The Group would like to express its condolences to Dave’s family and friends.

Here is the address which Andrew Osborne gave at Dave’s funeral: Dave White – address by Andrew Osborne