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King Charles III England Coast Path – The group were informed via e’mail by DEFRA on 13th January 2021 that the Secretary of State had fully approved the England Coast Path. We are currently awaiting Natural England to commence works on the East side of the creek where the wall at Provender Walk Has been demolished. We are now working with the South East Coast Partnership having the newly opened path at the new Housing Development on the former Oil Depot Site to be incorporated into the Coast Path. There is now a further issue where between Hollowshore and the Oare Creek Road, a smallholder has moved his boundary onto the route of the England Coast Path. Upon informing PROW, they have confirmed that they and Swale Planning were already aware, and were investigating further.

Creekside walk at Faversham Reach and Waterside Close – The KCC issued the necessary Orders for formal consultation where the public inquiry was held from 16-18 January 2018, and the Inspector confirmed both Orders.  KCC subsequently rejected a claim by the Faversham Reach Residents’ Association’s to delete the original obstructed path from the Definitive Map of Footpaths.  KCC’s decision was upheld by an independent Planning Inspector in June 2020. See the main page for more details. Subsequently the Group has regular Executive Committee Meetings to agree a way forward over construction works having produced a drawing of an alternative proposal of a cantilevered path at the slipway to push things along. KCC have appointed consultant civil / structural engineers and have started the preparation work for the construction of the path. This a lengthy process and the KCC, PROW team are hopeful that physical works will commence now fully open within the next year. In the meantime KCC PROW have now officially opened up the area of the Estates to walkers and path is now open to the public apart from the three previously mentioned missing links

Faversham Neighbourhood Plan (FNP) This will replace the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan (FCNP), assuming it is eventually adopted. The Group has urged that the footpath and streetscape-related aspects of the FCNP should be respected and built on in the proposed FNP The Group received a draft of the Footpath Policy FAV7 which was circulated to the committee for comment. These comments were passed back to the Chair of the FNP Steering Group, who agreed to incorporate what the group had recommended. The Group have recommended that the sites along the Creek including the inner basin and Ordnance Wharf that were to be developed under the plan should include a requirement for the provision of a Creekside footpath, as was the case with the FCNP. The Steering Group Chair confirmed that these would all be considered. The FFG have now commented on the latest version of Plan in October 2024 and this is currently with FTC for review.

Walks – see the ‘walks’ page for details of our walks.

Footpath from Jubilee Way to the Recreation Ground – Steps leading down from the car park to the Rec were opened in summer 2020. The Group has also pressed for access to be provided from the proposed development at the Railyard to allow items to be ‘trolleyed’ to the Lodge at the Rec.

Link from Jubilee Way to the future Rail Yard Development through to Station Road – There have been recently several Planning Applications for a combined Housing and Industrial Park on the South side of the Long Bridge, Derelict Rail Yard and the Group is pursuing Swale Borough Council as part of these applications to have a footpath link between Jubilee Way and this Development to allow access eventually through to Station Road without having to pass through the Rec.

Designating footpaths – the Group has carried out detailed work to identify paths, alleyways etc in Faversham which might require adding to the Definitive Footpaths Map in order to guard against the risk that public access might be lost in future.  Progress in finalising the maps showing the paths has been underway and one path (of many) in particular falls into this category, where the application is for the adoption of the Tram Road that runs from Ham Farm to Ham Wharf at Oare Creek joining to ZF1. This also includes a small spur on to the road to the Shipwright’s Arms that links up with ZF2 as it comes off the marsh. More recently, the former Morrison’s Car Park that has a  Creekside Walk has been added to the two previously mentioned paths and the October 2023 issue of the FTC Newsletter has an article promoting and encouraging the Public to participate.

East Kent Recycling at Oare – the Group was concerned that the proposed expansion of East Kent Recycling’s activities at Oare, with the accompanying increase in vehicle movements, would cause added danger to pedestrians using the access road, which has now become part of the England Coast Path. The Group made representations to Natural England about this matter and also commented on the original and revised planning applications, arguing that a proper footpath must be provided if the planning application were to be approved. However subsequently EKR have recently constructed seven number refuges on the creek side of the road.  The Group have now submitted a report and photos to KCC PROW who have now confirmed that Bretts have agreed in providing a dedicated footpath to be formed on the Lagoon side of the road and this is presently going through the legal processes of being approved for constrauction.

Duchy of Cornwall proposal for a ‘garden village’ on land south of the Selling Road – the Group was represented at meetings organised by the Duchy and will monitor any proposed development to ensure that opportunities for public rights of way are maximised.

Possible ‘garden village’ at North Street – the Group attended a public meeting held at Sheldwich Village Hall about this possible development and will continue to take a close interest if the proposal is taken forward. This site has been deleted from the current daft Swale Local Plan.

AGM 2024  – It is likely this will again arranged to be at the Guildhall but is currently being reviewed in  planning it for earlier in the year than late November and at possibly an earlier time.